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ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified

On Friday October 16th the Dutch Boer Group companies achieved certifications for ISO 14001 (environmental management) and OHSAS 18001 (working conditions management) by Lloyd’s Register Nederland B.V. 

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“Because of years of collaboration with the Boer Group we are able to provide shipyards around the world with cleaning rags..."
MTS Europroducts

“Over 70% of the global population needs secondhand clothing, and demand is growing...”
La Boer Export (Dubai)



The manufacture of new 
textiles requires a lot of 
water and agricultural
land. This places a burden 
on the environment and 
exhausts natural sources. 
Recycling textiles is 
becoming ever more 
important The Boer Group 
makes sure that any 
textiles that can no longer 
be used as clothing are 
prepared for recycling.



The principle of ‘cradle to 
cradle’ in textile recycling 
means that the textiles are
made into a completely
new item of clothing or
accessory at the end of
their lifespan.Like this,
textiles are given a new
start ‘from the cradle’
as it were.



Approximately half the
textiles collected by
the Boer Group are 
prepared for a second 
use as clothing through 
a meticulous selection
process. Once the 
textiles have passed 
through the sorting 
process, customers
have a choice of 
approx. 300 different 
items in 2 to 5
different qualities.


Core values of Boer Groep

Over the past century, Boer Group has developed from a family-based, small-scale trader in metal, paper and clothing into a specialist multinational with all the disciplines of textile recycling in one place. This development was made possible by a series of people in charge with a clear vision, who have held on to the core values of the organisation even through difficult times. 

Certified sorting

The Dutch and German sorting companies within the Boer Group all qualified in April 2010 in accordance with the Certified Textile Sorting Process Assessment Foundations [Beoordelingsgrondslag Gecertificeerd Textielsorteerproces] as drafted and annually reviewed by TÜV Rheinland.

Spearheads in the Assessment Foundations include working in accordance with the prevailing legislation and regulations in the field of labour and the environment, demonstrating a transparent commodity flow and the careful process of selecting textiles in a range of different items. 

These spearheads distinguish the Boer Group companies from other players in textile recycling who do not possess this certificate. Finally, this recognition place the Boer Group ahead of the development in which the TÜV certificate is a criterion for Dutch municipal authorities in selecting new textiles collectors.